Monday, March 20, 2017

More of the Butterflies in Blue

 I LOVE these so much!
 This is the second set I've made.
 I found a very easy way to get the score lines PERFECT every time. 
 Cut the DSP to 5 1/4" by 4".  On the 4" side, cut in just 2 inches.  On your scoring board, take a Sharpie and draw a line all the way down the 6 inch line.  (You'll thank me for this.)
 Take the point of the top (long edge) and place it on your scoring board on the 6 inch line.  The cut slit you place should either be on your right (or left as the case may be).  Score on your Sharpie line ONLY from the opposite corner up to the very edge of your cut line.  Don't use heavy pressure on DSP - you might cut through.  Use a light touch to score.
 Do this on the other side as well.  Fold on the score lines, and your DSP paper should look like a shirt collar!
 I've been using glue dots to tack the edges down so they're not flapping all over the place.

Another idea.... other DSP.  I could recycle this idea for a LOT of things!  LOVE IT!!

 See the previous post for directions on how to stamp the butterflies.  Like I said, practice makes progress.  There I had one butterfly that was a little off.  These all turned out GREAT!

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